Wellness & Rejuvenation

Cosmic Yoga (60Min)
One hour in union of the self with cosmic energy, one’s found the uncountable joy, happiness and love to fulfilling one’s life desire, self realization that self be path of cosmic energy.

From The Yoga Master

Sound Healing Meditation (60Min)
The aspect of unity during a yoga practice is an important part of the yoga practice. Meditation with singing bowl have been use for relaxation and healing and wonderful because the sound waves from the bowls resonate in to our bodies. Singing bowls helps to quiet the mind to connect with the body and can give a boost to your ability to reach the mental state needed for the emotional benefits of meditation.

Indonesian Healing

Balinese Traditional Massage (60Min)
This is a traditional Balinese intensive whole body massage, with soft movement and pressure to help balance the body’s system. Feel your body responding to the meridian line palm pressure and natural healing from the relaxing energy of Balinese rhythm and essential oil, opening the way to imaginings of heavenly life on earth.

Javanese Jamu Massage (60Min)
Traditional massage of Javanese that use deep pressure and specially blended herbal massage oil to ease tension and improve blood circulation, finishing by herbal pouch to treat muscular aches and pain. The therapist uses the pouch hot as medium for massage alternatively, can be placed on selected body areas to relieve sore muscles, stimulate circulation and refresh the skin.

Balinese Accupressure Massage (30Min)
Stimulation treatment over the spine, neck and back allows stressed body muscles to relax and release tension. Applying traditional Balinese acupressure, especially to the back and to the head, achieves refreshed energy improved blood circulation, general wellbeing and relaxation.

Foot Spa Accupressure (60Min)
This treatment focuses on the base of the feet. Pulse points on the base of the feet connect directly withy others with other points all over body. Stimulating these points on the feet is release tension from muscle around the body