Body Treatments

White Lotus Heaven Sense | 30 min

A calming body scrub with pure deep body cleansing qualities. The antioxidant exfoliates the aging skin and helps balance the skin from the polluted environment.

Exotic Island Coffee Treatment | 30 min

Tone your body with a coffee rub & scrub treatment, completed with an organic body butter to restore the skin, stimulate and calm the nervous system to a fresh feeling and mind.

Turmeric Honey Healing | 30 min

The ancient tropical healing treatment contains a natural antiseptic and is antioxidant-rich. It is a deep peeling that will reduce pigmentation. The honey delivers nutrition to make skin silky, healthy, and add more radiance to the skin tone, and to protect its pores and layers.

Rose in Heaven and Earth | 30 min

A gentle body exfoliation and moisturizing treatment, delicately scented with rose essential oil to help firm your skin and improve its elasticity.

Korean Scrub | 150 min

A complete head to toe scrub therapy, with cucumber facial, hair spa, body butter and milk to a glowing new skin, refreshing a new you.

Kumari Aloe Vera | 30 min

Aloe Vera is an effective natural sunburn relief and soother. It is also a natural skin softener, good for moisturizing dry or flaky skin.

Elixir Firming Wrap | 30 min

The Javanese ancient lulur is an elixir wrap using natural herbs. The traditional cotton sarong tightly wraps the body to firm, reenergize, and release excess body water, to relieve sore muscles and to revitalize and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Detox Volcano Mud and Banana Leaf Wrap | 30 min

Volcano Clay mask is rich in potassium, phosphor, magnesium, sulfur and many other healthy minerals that nourish and repair the skin. The richness of this mineral mud restores damaged skin, while the natural banana leaf wrap tightens and smoothens the skin.

Turkish Treatment | 120 min

This treatment starts with Infra Red Sauna to detox, continued with a body scrub, body massage and moisturizer.

Green Tea, A Tropical Bliss | 60 min

A corrective body treatment using organic green tea anti-oxidant healing oil. Relieves tension, and decreases toxin and stress.

Outdoor Jacuzzi | 30 min

Infrared Sauna | 30 min